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  SimpleSoft News      
  Dec 14, 2018   June 28, 2018  
SimpleAgentPro 22.5 now includes support for Elastic IP based licensing for cloud deployment, command specific delay injection in Netconf/Telnet, better optimized Web based GUI (beta version),...(more)   SimpleTester 18.0 now includes support for SHA2 with multiple key lengths (AES version) and the convenience of specifying the current Settings profile from the main window's toolbar...(more)    
  Dec 14, 2018 - Version 22.5 SimpleAgentPro/Enterprise  
  July 18, 2018 - Version 22.0 SimpleAgentPro/Enterprise  
  Mar 14, 2018 - Using SimpleIoTSimulator to simulate LoRaWAN Networks  
  • "I really liked the performance of SimpleAgentPro. Its response to rapid SNMP queries is very impressive. We use it to simulate scenarios that I receive from our customers. It is saving us time & money and is making our testing process more efficient."

    -Kelly Smith, HP BTO R&D HP Software
  • "Whenever we demonstrate the capabilities of our IoT Predictive Service Hub to customers, we use the SimpleIoTSimulator to quickly create user specific simulations. It is such a great tool for us (and I hope for many others)."

    -David Bishop, VP-R&D Hitachi Solutions
  • "The SimpleTester is dependable, very quick to set up and easy to integrate into our automated testing applications. These qualities have left us free to concentrate on the actual testing and result analysis of Native Network carrier class solutions."

    -Ehud Arkin, System Integrator Native Networks
  • "Our customer's networks tend to be large, with equipment from various different vendors, so we need an SNMP simulator that can simulate all of the equipment. SimpleAgentPro was the only product we could find that suited our purpose."

    -Yuka Kachi, Assistant Manager NEC Corporation
  • "SimpleAgentPro is a vital part of a test environment that we are dependent on to meet our scalability requirements. We have found SimpleSoft support to be very knowledgeable and very responsive."

    -Gareth McKenna, Group Manager Cisco Systems
  • "When we needed to create a management application for our world-class iMSS switch integrated with Cisco Systems equipments, we turned to SimpleSoft. SimpleAgentPro simulated the complex scenarios we needed to manage and prepare for."

    -Roberto Zambetti, Project Manager Italtel SpA

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