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  "We use the SimpleAgentPro in our network management application testing labs to simulate over 600 different networking devices that are made by 3Com. Without the SimpleAgentPro we would need lots and lots of equipment in our labs."  
  -Roger Wang, Test Engineer, NMD
3Com Corporation
Tester Demo: Syntax Testing
SimpleSoft NTCIP Solutions
SimpleSoft NTCIP solutions provide the same features as the standard versions of our application with the added capability to communicate over a serial connection using PMPP as specified by the National Transportation Communications for ITS Protocol (NTCIP). NTCIP support gives the engineer the flexibility of testing the agent using Ethernet or a serial connection. The serial parameters and the PMPP parameters are fully configurable.

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  SimpleTester™ For NTCIP
SNMP managers and agents can communicate because they share a common understanding of the data being exchanged (MIBs) and use the same mechanism to exchange that data (SNMP protocol). Hence, to ensure interoperability, an agent must be tested to verify that its data matches the MIB definition, and if it adheres to the data exchange mechanisms (Get/GetNext/Set/GetBulk operations) specified in the SNMP protocol.

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Datasheet (PDF)
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  SimpleMIBBrowser for NTCIP™
An Intuitive SNMP MIB Browser, Plotter and Trap Receiver
The Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) is used extensively in managing today's heterogeneous networks. Networking equipment from most vendors include an SNMP Agent that allows remote retrieval and configuration of its management data. This management data is defined in Management Information Base (MIB) files.

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  SimpleAgent for NTCIP™ SNMP Agent Simulator
SimpleAgent™ is an easy to use, MS Windows based SNMP agent simulator that supports the MIBs you want with just a few mouse clicks. Given the SNMP MIB definition files, it can either create default variables (instances) on its own or learn variables from an existing agent. All SNMPv1 and SNMPv2C operations (Get/GetNext/GetBulk/Set/Traps/Notifications) are supported.
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