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  "By testing our SNMP agent with the SimpleTester, we are able to ensure that the agent works as designed and is in conformance with the SNMP protocol specification. Quite simply, SimpleTester helps us bring our quality products to market faster."  
  -Gary Spawn, Senior Test Engineer
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Tester Demo: Syntax Testing
SimpleAgent for NTCIP™
SNMP Agent Simulator
SimpleAgent™  is an easy to use, MS Windows based SNMP agent simulator that supports the MIBs you want with just a few mouse clicks. Given the SNMP MIB definition files, it can either create default variables (instances) on its own or learn variables from an existing agent. All SNMPv1 and SNMPv2C operations (Get/GetNext/GetBulk/Set/Traps/Notifications) are supported.  
SimpleAgent for NTCIP provides the same features as the standard version of the application with the added capability of communicating over a serial connection using PMPP as specified by the National Transportation Communications for ITS Protocol (NTCIP).  
SimpleAgent can significantly shorten your "time-to-market" by providing a simulated agent environment that supports network management application development,  even while the agent to be managed is partially implemented or absent.  It is also ideal for demonstrating the capabilities of your network management applications at trade shows and customer sites in the absence of bulky networking hardware devices. Management applications can be more completely tested, as all the variables returned by the agent can be controlled.  Alarm Management applications can also be tested by making the agent emit any SNMP trap on demand.  
The SimpleAgent can simulate one SNMP Agent at a time. For more advanced network management environment simulation, the SimpleAgentPro® can be used.  It is capable of simulating hundreds of SNMP agents, each with their own MIBs, data and IP Address.   It even supports Tcl based scripting to better model agent behavior and express inter-relationships between MIB variables.  
The ITS Protocol support gives the engineer the flexibility of having a simulated agent that can communicate using either ethernet or a serial connection. The serial parameters and the PMPP parameters are fully configurable.  
Only a few simple steps are required to start the SimpleAgent. They are:
  1. Use the built in MIB compiler to load the MIBs supported by the Agent.
  2. Use the built in MIB Instance creator to define the variables to be supported or use the MIB learner to learn them from an existing agent.
  3. Edit the instance and value information if required. Valid defaults are automatically created. The SimpleAgent is now ready to receive SNMP Get/GetNext/GetBulk/Set requests and send replies.
  4. Use the built-in Trap Generator to emit any selected trap on demand.
Support for dynamic data is part of the default behavior of the SimpleAgent due to its intelligent use of "value-types" based on data types of the variables.  Variables of type "Counter" are assigned a value type of "RandomUp", while the variables of type "TimeTicks" are assigned a value type of "Clock".  This results in simulated variables such as ifInOctets or sysUpTime behaving like their real agent counterparts without any user programming or setup.
  • Shortened "Time to Market" by allowing development of management applications to proceed in parallel with Agent development.
  • Improved quality of management applications.
  • Demonstration of capabilities of management applications in the absence of an agent at trade shows, customer sites or in training classes.
  • Supports PMPP over a serial connection
  • Allows control of the value returned for each variable. Built-in dynamism for values with valuetypes like clock, sequential, random, randomUp, fixed, and lastset.
  • Allows editing of ASCII SNMP variable information to suit your needs.
  • Generates any SNMP Trap on demand.
  • Supports dynamic row creation.
  • Keeps a log of SNMP requests in debug mode.
  • Simple, intuitive, easy to use interface that runs on a PC.
Hardware and Software Requirements
SimpleAgent requires:
  • IBM PC (or compatible) with network adapter card.
  • 32MB of RAM and 5MB of disk space.
  • Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP/7/8/10
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