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  "We found the SimpleIoTSimulator useful in quickly creating simulated customer scenarios to give realistic sales demos. The simulation has also helped our customers visualize the power of Cognito Networks solutions prior to deployment."  
  -Kittur Nagesh, CEO
Cognito Networks
Simulator Overview
Enabling Devices for IoT using Protocol Translation
SimpleIoTProxy is an easy to deploy, software based, Internet of Things (IoT) proxy that gathers information from existing infrastructure devices and forwards it to newer IoT platforms running sophisticated data analytics. It quickly creates hundreds of IoT enabled shadow device contexts, all on just one computer, where each shadow device context, maps to a real device supporting an older management protocol.
On the platform side, SimpleIoTProxy device contexts support many common IoT protocols like MQTT, CoAP, and HTTP/s and interface with popular IoT platforms like Azure IoT, Amazon AWS, and IBM Bluemix.

On the device side, the device contexts talk many older management protocols like SNMP, Telnet/SSH, Modbus over TCP/IP, and BACnet/IP to gather data from existing real devices and turn them into IoT enabled devices.

The shadow device contexts support receiving actuation messages from the IoT platforms and forwarding them to the associated real device using the appropriate device side protocol. They also include a scripting environment that can process information at the edge. Both IPv4 and IPv6 device contexts are supported.

Applications & Benefits
IoT Solution vendors can use SimpleIoTProxy to gather data from existing infrastructure devices without having to wait for the devices to support newer IoT protocols. The gathered data can then be fed to AI/Machine Learning based data analytics applications that provide services like predictive maintenance.

Critical events like traps and syslog events can also be forwarded to IoT platforms.

SimpleIoTProxy also provides an actuation pathway to take action based on the results of data analytics for controlling devices.

Using the proxy enables data to be gathered from both newer IoT devices and older infrastructure devices to create a more complete, un-fragmented, holistic view for the data analytic software.

Device contexts support a scripting engine to allow data processing and actions to be taken locally to minimize the information sent to the cloud.

  • SimpleIoTProxy software solution can run on physical or virtual machines.
  • Sample interface scripts are provided which can be used as templates for customization. Also includes "learners" to facilitate the creation of scripts.
  • A Graphical, and command line utility available for easy configuration.
  • Scripting environment within device contexts can be used for edge diagnostics.
  • Can create hundreds of separate device contexts on just one computer.
Please email sales@simplesoft.com for limited trials.
System Requirements
  • 64-bit RedHat Enterprise Linux (6.x or higher)
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SimpleAgentEnterprise SimpleTesterPro  
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