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  "We appreciate that SimpleAgentPro can simulate different agents with different source IP address on a single machine. Because we did not have to prepare many machines as simulators, we saved time and our budget."  
  -Yuka Kachi, Assistant Manager
   NEC Corporation
Simulator Overview
The InternetOfThings Simulator

SimpleIoTSimulator™ is an easy to use, IoT Sensor/device simulator that quickly creates test environments made up of thousands of sensors and gateways, all on just one computer.

SimpleIoTSimulator supports many of the common IoT protocols. They include:
  • CoAP is an IETF proposed standard for retrieving and managing information for sensors and devices in a constrained environment. The simulator can "learn" from existing CoAP sensors/devices to duplicate customer environments, or use the learnt data as a template to create thousands of sensors and gateways.

  • MQTT is a publish/subscribe based protocol. Both MQTT ver 3.1 and ver 3.1.1 clients are supported and simulated sensors can be setup to periodically publish messages to a specified broker. A built-in learner utility is also included that subscribes to a broker and learns messages for subseqent replay.

  • MQTT-SN is a variation of MQTT for Sensor Networks that has a more compact packet encoding. Like MQTT, simualted sensors can be setup to periodically publish MQTT-SN client messages to a specified broker and a built-in learner utility is included to learn messages for subsequent replay.

  • MQTT-Broker receives MQTT subscribe requests from applications within the cloud/platform and sends publish messages to them. The simulator supports this functionality to simulate thousands of gateways.

  • HTTP/s client sends periodic XML/REST requests to cloud/platform servers. The simulator includes learner applications to learn http requests and periodically send them to specified servers for simulating thousands of gateways.

  • HTTP/s server responds to incoming HTTP requests with responses. The simulator can be setup using learnt data for simulating gateways that support this functionality.

SimpleIoTSimulator enables IoT platform and gateway vendors to improve product quality and significantly shorten their time-to-market without incurring large capital expense for creating test infrastructure. Both IPv4 and IPv6 sensors are supported and the simulator includes built-in support for lossy behavior in constrained environments. It can also create scripted error scenarios on demand. Sensors can also be setup to send IP packets over Bluetooth connections.

Only a few simple steps are required to start using the SimpleIoTSimulator. They are:
  1. Use the built in CoAP, MQTT and HTTP learner utilities to record packet exchanges from real sensor/devices.
  2. Use this learnt data as a template to create test environment with thousands of IoT sensors and gateways.
  3. Run scripts to create error scenarios, and dynamically change properties.
Support for changing data is built-in without requiring any user programming as is lossy behaviour and delay.

If support is also needed for other management protocols like SNMP, Telnet, SSH, an IoT management module is available within the popular SimpleAgentPro and SimpleAgentEnterprise.

  • Development and QA groups can do scalability and functional testing without large test infrastructure.
  • Sales groups can create realistic demos that highlight the management application features to shorten sales cycles.
  • Professional services can create targeted services using duplicated customer environments.
  • Tech Support departments can more easily reproduce customer problems in their test labs.
  • Sensor data changes can be modelled to create different physical environments.
Please email sales@simplesoft.com for limited trials.
System Requirements
  • 64-bit RedHat Enterprise Linux (6.x or higher)
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