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  "We use the SimpleTester extensively when we do conformance testing of our SNMP agent implementations. It has saved us a lot of time. I really like the ease of use of the product."  
  -Adam Parmelee, Member of Technical Staff
   Terayon Communications Systems, Inc.
Tester Demo: Syntax Testing
A Graphical SNMP MIB Editor and Net-SNMP Agent Builder
The Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) is used extensively in managing today's heterogeneous networks. SNMP managers and agents from different vendors communicate with one another by using a common mechanism to exchange data (protocol). They also share a common understanding of the data
being exchanged.This common understanding is defined in Management Information Base (MIB) files.
MIBs are written using the Abstract Syntax Notation (ASN.1) specification language and must adhere to the grammar specified in the Structure of Management Information (SMI) specifications. As SNMP has evolved from v1 to v2c to v3, the SMI has also evolved with SNMPv1 using an older SMI specification and SNMPv2c and SNMPv3 using a newer SMI specification.
The complex, arduous task of creating MIB definition files can now be simplified by using the SimpleMIBEditorPro. SimpleMIBEditorPro is an easy to use, graphical tool that simplifies the process of creating SMI conforming MIB definition files, without requiring the user to be knowledgeable about the nitty-gritty details of ASN.1 syntax. It guides the user in creating both SNMPv1 and SNMPv2 SMI documents by gathering information in easy to understand dialog boxes and automatically converting it into syntactically correct ASN.1 notation.
SimpleMIBEditorPro creates new SNMPv1 and SNMPv2 MIBs, automatically corrects many common errors in existing MIB definition files, and also converts MIBs from one SMI to another.
Once the MIB is defined, the work of building an SNMP agent that supports this MIB begins. Net-SNMP is a popular, public domain, SNMP stack that is widely used in the industry. For a Net-SNMP Agent to support the newly created MIB, the user has to first create stub interface functions that link the MIB variables to the underlying instrumentation.
SimpleMIBEditorPro provides a graphical interface to the creation of these interface functions, and also invokes the associated IDE upon completion, thus facilitating rapid agent building. Unlike the "mib2c" command line utility, interface functions for the entire MIB tree can be created at once using the graphical interface. The code generation is done via a standard Tcl based interpretor and the Tcl source files are provided for easy modification and enhancements. User-defined code types and code generation functions can also be added if desired.
SimpleMIBEditorPro is an intuitive graphical editor that automatically creates SMI compliant MIB documents without requiring the user to be an ASN.1 specialist. Upon creation of a MIB, you can also use it to create Net-SNMP based SNMP Agents. Using this tool you can simply and quickly:
  • Create new SNMPv1 and SNMPv2 SMI MIBs.
  • Edit existing MIBs after automatically correcting many common errors.
  • Convert MIBs from one SMI to another.
  • Get suggestions on MIB module structure in accordance with IETF guidelines.
  • Get guidance on enterprise tree organization.
  • Create SMI conforming SNMP table definitions by filling in information in dialog boxes.
  • View the MIB as a graphical object registration tree in the Tree view.
  • Switch views from Tree View to ASN.1 view and see the associated ASN.1 text.
  • Format MIB files using standard white space conventions for fixed width fonts.
  • See color-coded sections in the ASN.1 view for easy identification.
  • Pre-load common MIBs to access user defined data types and textual conventions when defining new MIB variables.
  • Optionally save MIBs in XML or html format.
  • Generate Net-SNMP specific stub interface functions, for the entire MIB tree.
  • Associate interface function code types with variables.
  • Supports both monolithic agent as well as sub-agent creation.
  • Invoke the associated IDE like VC++ or Eclipse to complete the Agent building process.
  • Add your own code generation functions using Tcl.
List of the IETF RFC's supported
SNMPv1 Data Definition
  • RFC 1155 - Structure of Management Information
  • RFC 1215 - Convention for defining Traps for use in SNMP
SNMPv2 and SNMPv3 Data Definition
MIB Guidelines
Hardware and Software Requirements
SimpleMIBEditorPro supports
  • Microsoft Windows 64bit
  • Linux RedHat Enterprise (5.x, 6.x)
  • Net-SNMP version 5.3
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